Monday, 31 May 2010

Last one for now

Final project of 3rd year: record label office
As i said before the majority of time spent on this project was planning and details so we all panicked a little to get visuals finnished! got there in the end after a few wee sleepless nights :s
this view shows my 9-5 everyday staff usage with the central storage unit (detailed below) which is accessed centally to the whole office.

Details details details!

Each work station has an overhead storage unit with desk lighting attatched.
This is a section view and detail of how each would look.
Because the office had to fit a lot into it, the storage was important to be either multifunctional or well out of the way.
Staff breakout area

Record Label Office

This one was hard to get into at first, office design for me isnt really that inspiring but researching what others had done with similar spaces broadened scope a little.
My final outcome was rather minimal as i wanted to create a clear thinking environment that wasnt too fussy. the floor plan orientates around a central storage unit which i designed around the element of stacking. this concept is repeated throughout the space.

The requirements were; two private offices a sales and managing director, two meeting rooms that were sound proof and flexible (so couldnt be near the windows) a breakout area for 20 staff, 8 hot desk systems for the sales team and 20 additional every day staff desks, a post room and reception/touch down area. sooooo the planning took up the majority of this project. it was a toughy!

Friday, 28 May 2010

getting wiggy with it

display solution inspired by chainmail fashion pieces. above a slightly more modern version of the traditional collar.

cash desk view
wig displays

Graphic wall detailing: wig shop

wig shop

my wig shop project was inspired by renaissance art and imagery. since the boutique had to be done on budget i looked at a lot of second hand vintage furniture and my main feature for display was designed from a millstone collar worn in the edwardian times. the shop actually looked way different in my head :) visuals were a little rushed as it was a detailing project and we only had 2 weeks.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

visit scotland expo

Public Space

Visit Scotland Hotel Project

we're freeeeeeeeee!

portfolio hand in was monday, what a lovely sunny day to celebrate eh? most of us had no sleep so did well to stay awake all day! since my work is all handed in i felt like updating this as i have neglected my 'thought box' so much :)
so here is the one and only hotel project we sweated over. I designed a 5 star rural hotel the site located at inverary, Scotland. The project set by the visit Scotland quality advisors was helpful as we worked with clients on a live project. Ive also stuck a few wee images of the expo at the secc where our work was displayed

Thursday, 15 October 2009

detailing project

my detail was found at the lighthouse on mitchell lane.
it is an image of an aesthetic column which starts from floor and reaches to ceiling height. the column is supported by a number of brackets which are attached at each floor from the parallel wall facing.
I have detailed how this structure works with a diagram below.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

first project: the design process

soooo were back to it for another glorious year! its the first time ive been really panicked as the first line of our brief read 'you are halfway through your course' eeeeeeek. were getting old. 
When first looking at the brief I thought it was crazy that we had two weeks for such a simple task, to explain the design process, but as i got thinking i realised that there was much more to it than first meeting the eye.
I think working as a designer, any kind, automatically presents a strategy which we apply in order to reach a final solution. This can either be consciously or subconsciously wether it starts off with a spark and then ideas fly around all over the place, or an orderly format, these thoughts all get processed in some way that will issue a successful outcome. everyone has their own process that works for them. To symbolise this process i thought it would be fitting to compare this journey to an astounding piece of design already in place today: the inside of a clock. Each cog makes the next one go round to eventually make the arms on the clock face go round and tick. This can be analysed further by saying that each cog must be the right size and shape to work just as each step must be polished and correct for the design so as the conclusion is effective. My cogs in this process i had to back track and think about because i suppose this sequence is normally carried out without thinking but usually to complete a project my process would be as follows: disect the brief, followed by research and investigation, find a concept or direction, experiment, develop this idea, start to visualise eg. sketches perpective views, work out floor plan, re-evaluate, prototype eg. models, vectorworks, attention to detail (sourcing and determining the design works), refine the design and finally present final idea.
seems to work for me!

Friday, 2 October 2009

i dont know how to work this!!